Application FAQs

Who is eligible for the Enactus Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Accelerator grant?

All Enactus BrazilCanadaChinaIndiaMexico and United States teams with projects meeting the program goals, criteria and reporting requirements listed on the Program Overview page are eligible to apply. The project submitted must have outcomes completed between a specific timeline for each country. See your Country Page for the number of awards and grant amounts available.

When is the Application deadline?

See your Country Page for your due dates. If your country is not listed, Enactus Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Accelerator grants are not available at this time.

How do I submit my Application?

The Application submission link may be found at the Apply page. Contact Project Accelerator staff for login details. Enactus USA students must be enrolled with a username and password and have permissions assigned by their Advisor to submit an Application. In the Application, you will need to complete all required areas marked with an asterisk (*). Upon completion, please select “submit” at the end of the Application.

When will grant monies be paid?

Grant monies will be issued in two disbursements. The first disbursement will be made after grant recipients are announced.

To receive the second disbursement, your team must complete the grant requirements, including the Enactus Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Accelerator Final Impact Report, and submit the report by your country’s deadline via the submission link provided.

Approved teams withdrawing from the grant program without initiating or completing the project, may be required to return a portion of or all funds.

My school is not on the list of universities. Why?

Only universities with an enrolled Enactus team are listed. If you meet the enrolled team criteria but are not on the list of universities, contact your Enactus Program Manager to ask her/him to authorize your team.

Are international projects eligible?

Enactus teams must empower women in their country (e.g. Brazil Enactus teams will empower women in Brazil; India teams will empower women in India).

Can my team apply for more than one Women’s Economic Empowerment grant?

No. Each Enactus team may apply for only one grant. While teams may have many good ideas, we rely on each team to prioritize its needs and submit only one application. We recommend you select the project that is most clearly and strongly compatible with the purpose and requirements stated in the Program Overview.

Can a current or on-going project be used for the Application?

Yes. Projects may be new or existing but must meet the grant criteria. The project submitted must have outcomes completed within your country’s timeline. See the Program Overview page for more information.

What are the grant metrics?

All metrics are included in the Final Impact Report. All metrics may not be applicable to all projects so teams may or may not be able to report on every metric. See the Final Impact Report page to view sample reports with a list of metrics for Entrepreneurial Training and Workforce Development projects.

What are my obligations if a grant is awarded?

Ultimately, to accept the grant you will:

  • Agree to adhere to the proposal and budget outlined in your grant Application (any changes must be approved by Project Accelerator staff)
  • Maintain regular communication with your country’s Enactus Project Accelerator contact and/or designated Enactus staff
  • Complete an online Human-Centered Design assignment before January 13, 2017
  • Track and report outputs and outcomes included in the Final Impact Report
  • Prepare and submit a complete Final Impact Report online by your country’s deadline
  • Agree to the General Terms and Conditions found on the sample Application

What if the project changes or the team is unable to proceed as proposed?

Contact your country’s Project Accelerator contact if you wish to change any project goals and objectives.

When is my team’s Final Impact Report due?

Please see your Country page for your Final Impact Report deadline.

Who should I contact at Enactus with questions?

See the Contact page for a list of contacts by country.