Canada Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Spotlight


The Walmart Women Economic Empowerment program is running in Canada this year for the first time. The response by Enactus teams in Canada to this new opportunity to accelerate their programing was amazing.

The new program got a nationwide kick off with a presentation at all Enactus Leadership Retreats in seven cities across Canada. More than 500 students from 50 schools were part of these presentations and from these almost 30 Enactus teams applied to be part of the program. The 15 selected teams come from across the country.

The projects selected to receive grants work with a wide range of audiences of all ages. These projects are now happening and thanks to Walmart and the Women’s Economic Empowerment program, women across Canada are receiving help to advance in their careers and as entrepreneurs.

For more information about the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Partnership in Canada, please contact Preston Aitken, Director, Strategic Programming, at