Final Impact Report FAQs

Who can submit the Final Impact Report for the Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Accelerator grant?

Enactus United States students must be enrolled with a username and password and have permissions assigned by their Advisor to submit a report. Students from all other countries should ask Project Accelerator staff for login instructions, if needed.

What is the report deadline?

See your Country page for your Final Impact Report deadline.

How do I submit my report?

The online submission link is located on the Final Impact Report page. Each page will save as you progress to the next. Once you select “Submit,” you may log back in and make changes as needed. The last report submitted within the deadline will be used for judging purposes.

You may prepare your report in advance using the sample Final Impact Report. All questions marked with an asterisk (*) will require a response in the online report.

Who will read the Final Impact Reports?

The Final Impact Reports will be read by Enactus and/or Walmart/Walmart Foundation staff. We encourage you to type your text into a word processing program that allows for grammar and spell check prior to submitting your online report.

What are the grant metrics?

All metrics are included in the Final Impact Report. All metrics may not be applicable to all projects so teams may or may not be able to report on every metric. See the Final Impact Report page to view sample reports with a list of metrics for Entrepreneurial Training and Workforce Development projects.

How are the Final Impact Reports evaluated?

Final Impact Reports will be judged and National Grand Prizes will be awarded at the 2017 Enactus Brazil, Canada, China, India, Mexico, and United States National Competitions/Expositions. All Final Impact Reports will be evaluated using the criteria outlined on the Final Impact Report page.

Although the Enactus Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Accelerator is offered in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Mexico and the United States, participating teams will be judged at the national level for Grand Prize Awards (and Finalists in China and the US). Top participating teams will be determined within each of the six countries.

Who should I contact at Enactus with questions?

See the Contact Page for a list of contacts by country.