Report Tips: Planning and Preparing


As the Walmart Final Impact Report deadline approaches, we’ll be sharing tips and reminders to help your team prepare to submit your very best work. Grant reports like these are important to show our sponsor the project results that you’ve generated with their support. The Final Impact Reports will also be used to determine winners of additional cash prizes in each participating country. Preparing reports can seem daunting, but with the right planning and preparation, the process is much easier!

  • Become familiar with the Final Impact Report Sample to make sure you’re documenting the required information. There are specific outputs and outcomes listed in the report that must be completed to demonstrate the success of your project.
  • Remember to report all activity, outputs and outcomes generated during your country’s timeline. The timeline runs from the day after last year’s Final Impact Report deadline to this year’s deadline. This allows you to report progress made throughout the year. See your country page for more information.
  • Prepare your answers in a word processing document (e.g. Microsoft Word) before you submit the online report. This makes it easy to check for spelling errors and ensure your answers are within the character limits. You can simply copy and paste your answers into the online report.
  • US students need permissions granted by their advisors to login and submit the report. If you aren’t sure about your permissions status, ask your advisor.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute! Give yourself enough time in case you have technical problems or need to make edits to your submission.
  • If you have questions, let Project Partnership staff know—we’re here to help you!

Stay tuned for more tips and suggestions!