Report Tips: Special Requirements


Before the Final Impact Report deadline, don’t forget to address these special requirements for the Walmart Project Partnership!

  • 2012–2013 Follow-up: Teams who received a grant through the Walmart Project Partnership in 2012–2013 are required to follow-up with their past participants. We strongly encourage you to stay connected with your project beneficiaries to make sure they are continuing to succeed. You’ll document your follow-up in the Final Impact Report.
  • Support Group Connection: If you haven’t already, do some research in your community to find a support group connection for your workforce training or entrepreneurial participants. Connecting the women with these additional resources will aid in their growth and development. Look for organizations that have services to help women further their careers or succeed in business. The support group needs to be an organization other than your team. If you have trouble finding a resource, let Project Partnership staff know.
  • Student Survey: Make sure each student who participated in the Walmart Project Partnership completes the Walmart Student Survey. If you haven’t received it already, Project Partnership staff will send a link to the survey closer to the Final Impact Report deadline.
  • Media: We want to see your team promoting this project in your community. Utilize campus newspapers, local newspapers, radio, social media, flyers, email blasts and other media outlets to raise awareness of your project and recognize Walmart for their support. You can use the Walmart logo found on the Media Toolkit page.

If you have any questions about these special requirements, contact Project Partnership staff.