Report Tips: Submitting Your Best Work


You’ve drafted your Final Impact Report and you’re ready to submit it online. Review these tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  • We recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your internet browser. Google Chrome and Safari are NOT recommended.
  • The online report will save your answers as you progress through each page. You can logout and log back in to return to your work. Make sure you click the submit button before the deadline to get your entry in on time!
  • After your report is submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email. The email has a copy of your submitted report. Review the email to make sure your answers were properly submitted. Check for:
    • Spelling and grammatical errors
    • Data entry errors
    • Answers that were cut off by the character limit
  • You can log back into the report to make any necessary changes. Remember to click the submit button again before the deadline.
  • Reports will be reviewed by Enactus staff and Walmart representatives. Make sure you’re submitting your best work and representing your team well!

Questions? Contact Project Partnership staff and let us know how we can help.