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Enactus teams participating in the Enactus Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Accelerator, made possible with funding from Walmart, equip women with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to help achieve their career or business goals. In 2015-2016 alone, 4,941 women received workforce development or entrepreneurial training, resulting in 361 women obtaining employment, 664 women launching their own business and 620 existing female entrepreneurs increasing their income. These achievements are absolutely newsworthy!

Participating teams should execute community and media outreach (e.g. through press releases, online platforms, local television, etc.) to promote their project and achievements. Media outreach is a great opportunity to create awareness of your Enactus team and your efforts to empower women with economic success. By informing the community about your project plans, progress and results, you’re sharing best practices and encouraging additional project involvement and support. When implementing your outreach, please recognize Walmart as the sponsor of the Enactus Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Accelerator.

Guidelines and Resources

Enactus teams are required to use proper credit and branding in all Women’s Economic Empowerment project activities. Enactus teams should use the official Walmart logo in all visual materials, such as posters, webpages, created resources and training materials. Your outreach will be documented and evaluated in your Final Impact Report. Please utilize the Media 101 document for best practices and resources, including a press release template. 

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