Personal Story

We know your projects are making real, positive impact in the lives of the women you are working with through the Enactus Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Accelerator made possible with funding from Walmart. What better way to capture this impact than by asking these women to tell their own stories about working with your team.

In the Final Impact Report, you’ll document the story of one woman you empowered through your Women’s Economic Empowerment project (see the sample Final Impact Report for details). Click the link below to download either an Entrepreneurial Training or Workforce Development Personal Story Template. Use these writing prompts to gather stories from the women you’re working with. Then select one story to include in the Final Impact Report.

Participant Story Template for Entrepreneurial Training

Participant Story Template for Workforce Development

Click below to download the Walmart Photo/Publication Release Form to grant Walmart permission to share inspiring stories from your team and the women you’re empowering. Please email completed release forms to your country’s Project Accelerator staff contact.

Publication Release Form