Thank You Enactus USA Women’s Empowerment Teams


Enactus United States teams,

It’s been a great year of empowering women with workforce development through the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Partnership. Collectively, you have prepared over 900 women to enter the workforce or improve their careers. As a result, over 150 women have obtained employment to date. More importantly, women are reporting increased confidence and hope for the future:

“After the Personal and Professional Certification Program I feel confident, ready and prepared to strive for the job I want.” -Empowered by University of Florida Enactus

“I learned to face my fears of being a felon that this is not the end for me. There is a bright future ahead of me in the employment world.” -Empowered by Rocky Mountain College Enactus

“When I got the job, it was like WHOA. I have a misdemeanor on my record and someone is going to offer me a job! Now I feel like I’m doing something where I’m actually moving forward.” -Empowered by Syracuse University Enactus

Stories like these show that you are all making a real difference. Congratulations to our Finalists and Grand Prize Winners. The Walmart Foundation has awarded these teams cash prizes for their exceptional work.

National 1st Place | $5,000: Southwest Minnesota State University
National 2nd Place | $4,000: Blue Ridge Community College – VA
National 3rd Place | $3,000: Rocky Mountain College

Finalists | $1,000 each:
Pittsburg State University
University of North Georgia
Washington Adventist University

Keep enabling progress,
Kathryn Atchley
Project Manager, Global Partnerships