What Will 2014 Bring for WEE?


Hi teams,

It’s the start of a brand new year full of possibilities to empower women with economic success. We’re excited to see the transformation you will bring to the lives of women around the world this year.

Because of your commitment to women’s empowerment, women are creating resumes for the first time, obtaining skills necessary for employment, learning to navigate the job market, building confidence for the interview process and finally gaining employment. Female entrepreneurs are developing a solid foundation to launch or expand their business as you show them how to create marketing strategies, properly track cash flow, streamline production and obtain other vital skills. This collaborative process has shown powerful results already.

Did you know that last year through Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment projects, Enactus teams enabled 1,578 women to obtain jobs and 447 women to receive promotions? Or that 262 new women-owned businesses were created and 179 established women-owned businesses increased their sales/profits aGuangdong University of Finance s a result of your entrepreneurial training?

This year, let’s empower even more women to achieve their dreams. By working side-by-side with women, showing them how to apply their talents and ideas, you will create a lasting impact on individuals, families and communities. Together, we are enabling progress.

We are Enactus!