Women’s Entrepreneurship Day


Today is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. To celebrate, we’re highlighting the impact that Enactus teams are generating through the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Partnership by empowering female entrepreneurs.

Enactus teams are providing skills, mentorship and resources for women in Brazil, Canada, China, India and Mexico who want to start or improve their business. Since 2012, Enactus teams in these countries have empowered thousands of women.

An example of this empowerment can be seen in the Shri Ram College of Commerce Enactus team’s “Azmat” project. Through project Azmat, which means dignity in Urdu, the team has liberated 18 female manual scavengers by teaching them how to produce laundry detergent as a humane and sustainable livelihood. Instead of depending on meager wages by cleaning pit toilets, these women are now part of a micro-enterprise. The women were provided extensive detergent making training, along with basic financial and literacy training sessions. As a result, the women now have a reliable income to support their families. Just as importantly, they now lead their lives with pride and dignity.

Earlier we used to clean toilets with our bare hands. We were susceptible to diseases like head ache, fever, nausea. We were maltreated by the upper castes. They looked at us with disgust. We were paid for our labour in kind. After Enactus came into our lives, our incomes rose. We now earn a better living. They taught us the process of making detergent very well, and now we are adept at manufacturing, packaging and selling detergent to local shops. – Woman impacted by Azmat project

Check out our Project Showcase page to learn about other impactful WEE projects. This year 77 Enactus teams in Brazil, Canada, China, India and Mexico will start or continue their women’s entrepreneurial training projects with plans for deep and sustainable impact. Enactus is excited to empower women through this training and proudly supports Women’s Entrepreneurship Day! #WomenWoW